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The Progressive Atheists’ organisation and some of its members are actively involved in global campaigns to help and free those subjected to apostasy and blasphemy laws and violence around the world.

There is a lot more that we can do but we need your help.

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Please make a donation for a “banner” to be used outside the Saudi Embassy and raise awareness and action for the “Raif Badawi Campaign” and others facing a similar plight.

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Free online activist Raif Badawi

Update 03/03/15: New legal changes in Saudi Arabia have now raised serious fears that Raif Badawi may face the death sentence. The Criminal Court of Jeddah, which is currently looking into Raif’s case, has recently been given the authority to examine apostasy offences – offences that carry the death penalty. A judge on the Criminal Court has previously insisted Raif be charged with apostasy. With these new legal changes, this judge’s influence puts Raif at serious risk of execution. Over 1 million actions have been taken by Amnesty supporters like you in support of Raif. Please keep taking action.

Raif Badawi has been sentenced to 10 years jail, a $300,000 fine and 1,000 lashes after starting a website for social and political debate in Saudi Arabia.

Raif received his first 50 lashes in public on 9 January this year, and was scheduled to be flogged each Friday. Medical advice stopped the floggings for the next two weeks and Raif continues to be spared without any reason given.

On release, Raif faces a 10-year travel ban – which would keep him from his wife and three young children in Canada.

When Raif’s trial began in 2012, the prosecution unsuccessfully called for him to be tried for apostasy (when a person abandons their religion), which carries a death sentence in Saudi Arabia.

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