Australia – Canning By-Election Campaign – 2015

Posted: 6th September 2015

Progressive Atheists sent out invitations to the 12 candidates standing for election, to respond to the candidate survey.  We have received responses from:

  • Michelle Allen – Pirate Party
  • Katrina Love – Animal Justice Party
  • Connor Whittle – Liberal Democrats
  • Angela Smith – Sustainable Population Party

Candidate Survey Results

Posted: 28th August 2015

Nominations Have Closed
Nominations closed yesterday, Thursday, 27th August 2015.

This afternoon the AEC announced the candidate and ballot paper details.

There are twelve candidates.
All candidates represent parties although one candidate is standing as an independent because her party is not registered.

Candidates in Ballot order:
1. Vimal Kumar Sharma  – Palmer United Party
2. Connor Whittle  – Liberal Democrats
3. Michelle Allen  – Pirate Party
4. Greg Smith   – Australian Defence Veterans Party
5. Katrina Love  – Animal Justice Party
6. Andrew Hastie  – Liberal
7. Teresa Van Lieshout  – Independent [Voter Rights Party]
8. Matt Keogh   – Australian Labor Party
9. Vanessa Rauland  – The Greens (WA)
10. Jim McCourt   – Family First Party
11. Jamie Van Burgel  – Australian Christians
12. Angela Smith  – Sustainable Population Party

Progressive Atheist surveys are being sent to all candidates that have provided email addresses.

Posted: 18th August 2015

Election Writ Issued and Date Announced
The writ has been issued and the date of the Canning By-Election has been announced as Saturday, 19th September 2015.

The Liberals are expected to endorse Andrew Hastie as their candidate for the seat.
Labor is yet to choose a candidate.
The electoral roll will close on August 24th and nominations will close on August 27th.

Posted: 15th August 2015

The ABC Launches its Election Page
A very useful resource is Antony Green and the ABC website.

Posted: 22nd July 2015

Australian Federal By-Election for Canning, Western Australia
The member of the Australian parliament for Canning, WA,  (Don Randall) has died.
A federal by-election for Canning will be held.
There is no set time for it to be called but possibly it will be called after his funeral and services.
The margin was approximately 11% Liberal.

Part of our Election Campaigning is to survey all candidates.
To have a say in the survey questions, please email your suggestions to <>.

Once we have surveyed the candidates, we will publish:
* Survey Results – Raw Data
* Survey Results – Candidate Comments

You can make a difference:
To support the campaign please email our Campaign organisers at <>.
If you are unable to contribute your time then your donation to the expenses of the Campaign will be of great value.

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