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Today’s UK: A mess of multiculturalism

DIESEL BALAAM reviews Bonfires On The Ice – The Multicultural Harrying of Britain by Jon Gower Davies – from the September, 2007, Freethinker

JON Gower Davies is a former Labour councillor, academic and communicant Anglican. He has also written a timely, scholarly and devastating critique of multiculturalism in Britain. Published by the Social Affairs Unit, this is a book that will cheer and challenge genuine freethinkers.

So, before some shrill individual starts screeching about “racism” or “bigotry” can I just say at the outset: “Calm down, dear!” – Jon Gower Davies is neither racist, nor bigoted. His quarrel is not with the presence of ethnic minorities or minority religions in Britain, but the way that self-selected leaders and spokesmen from immigrant groups have profited at the expense of the public purse by denigrating indigenous history and institutions, while stoking up ill-founded resentments, unreasonable demands and a culture of endless complaint.

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Rethinking the Cult of Multiculturalism
by Madeline Weld | Autumn 2013

Around Christmastime in 2009, I was tidying up my office, on whose floor layers of clipped newspaper articles had accumulated, their filing neglected during the long years of my father’s dementia and the clearing out and sale of my parents’ house upon his death. Among the archaeological treasures revealed amidst swirls of dust was an Ottawa Citizen article from July 14, 2005, whose banner headline read, “Cab trainer blasted for ‘insensitive’ remarks.”1 The first sentence informed us that “An Ottawa police detective who gives sexual harassment sensitivity training to taxi drivers could use some lessons herself, according to a chorus of voices yesterday who say the officer made remarks that were culturally insensitive.”

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How I lost faith in multiculturalism
BY:GREG SHERIDAN From: The Australian April 02, 2011 12:00AM

IN 1993, my family and I moved into Belmore in southwest Sydney. It is the next suburb to Lakemba. When I first moved there I loved it.

We bought a house just behind Belmore Sports Ground, in those days the home of my beloved Bulldogs rugby league team. Transport was great, 20 minutes to the city in the train, 20 minutes to the airport.

On the other side of Belmore, away from Lakemba, there were lots of Chinese, plenty of Koreans, growing numbers of Indians, and on the Lakemba side lots of Lebanese and other Arabs.

That was an attraction, too. I like Middle Eastern food. I like Middle Eastern people. The suburb still had the remnants of its once big Greek community and a commanding Greek Orthodox church.

But in the nearly 15 years we lived there the suburb changed, and much for the worse.

Three dynamics interacted in a noxious fashion: the growth of a macho, misogynist culture among young men that often found expression in extremely violent crime; a pervasive atmosphere of anti-social behaviour in the streets; and the simultaneous growth of Islamist extremism and jihadi culture.

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A New Inquisition
Jon Gower Davies | Publication Date: 15 Jun 2010

Book Description
Open societies in which we try to settle our differences without violence have been a great human achievement. However, because freedom of speech is the prevailing view in Britain, we are not as alert to the risk of its overthrow as we should be. In A New Inquisition, Jon Gower Davies, former Head of the Religious Studies Department at the University of Newcastle, examines the new legal concept of religious hatred and provides striking examples from recent legal cases to reveal the oppressive and bizarre nature of judicial attempts to regulate such things.

Hate legislation removes an increasing quantity of matters traditionally dealt with in civil society, to the domain of the state and the courts. Furthermore, the exercise of such legislation seems to create the very atmosphere it was designed to prevent – hatred. Jon Davies warns against developments which will make traditional public debates about religion and its critics impossible.

He hopes for a British culture which validates a public seeking for religious truth and is more or less at ease with jokes and ribaldries, and he is profoundly ill at ease with censorship of them or with threats made against their authors.

The freedom to speak our minds without fear or favour is worth fighting for. In A New Inquisition Jon Davies shows why the liberal majority needs to reassert the convention that the law should be used not as a weapon to suppress unpopular opinions, but rather as the protector of free speech.

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Bonfires on the Ice: The Multicultural Harrying of Britain
Jon Gower Davies | Publisher: Social Affairs Unit; First Edition edition 9 July 2007

This is a timely, scholarly and devastating critique of multiculturalism in Britain. It is a book which will cheer and challenge genuine freethinkers.
— Diesl Balaam, Freethinker, September 2007

This book blows the whistle on the authors and practitioners of institutional multiculturalism. It demonstrates clearly that they are engaged in an enterprise that is both bogus and dangerous. It is bogus because the claims and pedigrees that are manufactured for a variety of imported cultures are historically invalid; and it is dangerous because the societal fracturing it urges upon us is fundamentally corrosive – both of social cohesion and public virtue. This account is a timely contribution to the debate on the damage being wrought in Britain by the multiculturalists.

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