Atheist Perspective of Australian Political Parties

Australian Political Parties

We will be continually updating this page and the pages for each party but time constraints will probably prevent us from doing the in-depth analysis that we wish of all parties this time.
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There are 77 political parties registered for this election.

Some of the registrations are for state branches of political parties and when you combine them you have approximately 56 parties registered.

3 parties do not have candidates:
– Australian Sovereignty Party
– Coke in the Bubblers
– The 23 Million

18 parties only have senate candidates:
– Australia First Party (NSW) Incorporated
– Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party
– Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party
– Shooters and Fishers Party
– Building Australia Party
– Bank Reform Party
– Carers Alliance
– Drug Law Reform Australia
– Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party
– Outdoor Recreation Party (Stop The Greens)
– Pirate Party Australia
– Republican Party of Australia
– Stop CSG Party
– Socialist Equality Party
– Smokers Rights Party
– No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics
– The Wikileaks Party
– Nick Xenophon Group

No parties only have lower house candidates.
Unless you count the ‘Country Labor Party’ as a separate party.

Approximately 33 parties are contesting both houses in some states.
– Australian Labor Party
– Liberal Party of Australia
– National Party of Australia
– Greens (under various names)
– Secular Party of Australia
– Australian Sex Party
– Palmer United Party

– Animal Justice Party
– Australian Democrats
– Australian First Nations Political Party
– Australian Independents
– Australian Protectionist Party
– Australian Sports Party
– Australian Stable Population Party
– Australian Voice Party
– Bullet Train For Australia
– Citizens Electoral Council of Australia
– Country Alliance
– Country Liberals (Northern Territory)
– Democratic Labour Party (DLP)
– Future Party
– Katter’s Australian Party
– Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting)
– One Nation
– Socialist Alliance
– Senator Online (Internet Voting Bills/Issues)
– Uniting Australia Party
– Voluntary Euthanasia Party

– Australian Christians
– Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group)
– Family First Party
– Rise Up Australia Party

Currently we have one separate page for independents.

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