Opposing Terror

Progressive Atheists share the concerns of many around the world regarding the rise of ISIS, the implications for the personal safety of Australians and indeed all who are vulnerable to the atrocities of ISIS.


Displaced People Needing Your Help

ISIS has forced thousands of lesbian, gay, bi, and trans refugees to flee for their lives. Many have escaped to Jordan and Lebanon – but there are no shelters for gay and trans refugees.

Will you help homeless gay and trans refugees into safe housing?

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News on Terrorism


Progressive Atheists Open Letter to the Grand Mufti of Australia

Progressive Atheists President, Alice Carr has sent an Open Letter to The Grand Mufti of Australia, Professor Ibrahim Abu Mohamed in response to Press Releases from the Australian National Imams Council.

Open Letter to The Australian National Imams Council

Australian National Imams Council Press Releases:

Islamic Council of Victoria Media Releases:


Progressive Atheists strive for a secular society that grants personal and political freedom from religion, whilst retaining personal freedom of belief.  We seek to create a safe and inclusive environment within which people are encouraged to discuss their ideas honestly, debate social and cultural values, develop ethics and contribute to universal human rights and social justice.  We endeavour to go beyond divisive racial, religious, tribal, and sectarian constructs, and instead, contribute to a universal humanity.


Open Letter to Liberal Muslims
Maarten Boudry | 14 October 2014

Dear liberal Muslim,

I address this open letter to all of you who profess a tolerant and peaceful Islam; who have no wish to impose their religious views on others; who are prepared to live in peace with Christians, atheists, Hindus and Jews; who endorse the bedrock principles of a secular democracy, including the separation of religion and state, freedom of expression, and universal human rights.

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