Victorian State Election Campaign – 2014

The Progressive Atheists have conducted a 10 Survey Questions of candidates standing in the Victorian State Election on 29 November 2014.

Use this handy internet tool to assist with your preferencing – just put the parties in order of personal preference and the internet tool provides you with a sheet showing your preferences: Cluey Voter

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The Progressive Atheists Victorian State Election Candidate Survey has attracted 171 responses (19%) of the total 896 candidates standing for the upcoming Victorian election.

Results for Question 1:

Read candidate comments for Question 1

Results for Question 2:

Question 2

Read candidate comments for Question 2

Results for Question 3:

Question 3

Read candidate comments for Question 3

Results for Question 4:

Question 4

Read candidate comments for Question 4

Results for Question 5:

Question 5

Read candidate comments for Question 5

Results for Question 6:

Question 6

Read candidate comments for Question 6

Results for Question 7:

Question 7

Read candidate comments for Question 7

Results for Question 8:

Question 8

Read candidate comments for Question 8

Results for Question 9:

Question 9

Read candidate comments for Question 9

Results for Question 10:

Question 10

Read candidate comments for Question 10



Online Enrollments to Vote in the Victorian State Election are now closed.

Candidate information, electorate areas, links to policies and candidate answers to our 10 Question Survey will be published here as well as having downloadable A5 leaflets to distribute at your local polling booth.

How many Candidates are standing for each Party?

Follow is the number of Candidates standing for each party at the upcoming Victorian state election on Saturday, 29 November 2014.

Email to ask for your local candidates contact details.

Political Party Name Candidates Standing Responded to Survey
The Australian Greens – Victoria 128 14
Australian Labor Party – Victorian Branch 126 28
Liberal Party of Australia – Victorian Division 114 1
Independents 103 42
Family First Victoria Inc. 55 0
Australian Country Alliance 52 10
Rise Up Australia Party 48 7
Australian Christians 44 12
Animal Justice Party 25 19
Australian Sex Party – Victoria 25 20
Democratic Labour Party (DLP) 21 1
People Power Victoria – No Smart Meters 21 0
Voice for the West 21 1
Palmer United Party 20 1
Shooters and Fishers Party Victoria 19 0
National Party of Australia – Victoria 18 1
Australian Cyclists Party 17 1
Liberal Democratic Party 16 0
Voluntary Euthanasia Party (Victoria) 10 5
Independent (Save the Planet Party) 5 3
Vote 1 Local Jobs 4 1
The Basics Rock ‘n’ Roll Party 3 1
Socialist Alliance (Victoria) 2 2


Raising Awareness

This is a grassroots campaign to raise awareness of issues that hold concern for progressive atheists and in solidarity with friends and allies who share those same concerns.  Your participation is encouraged and welcomed.


Your participation is requested to make this
campaign a success


You Can Help!

  • Share this website page on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn …
  • Register with us to phone your local candidates and ask for their answers to our 10 Question Survey
  • Give out leaflets at polling booths in your local area on election day


How to vote for the Legislative Council

The Legislative Council (Upper House) ballot paper features a thick horizontal line (as shown below). You can vote above or below the line.

  • If you choose to vote above the line, you must only place a 1 in the box above the party you want to support. Your ballot paper will be counted according to the preferences on the group’s registered group voting ticket.
  • If you choose to vote below the line, place a 1 in the box against your most preferred candidate and continue numbering 2,3,4,5 and so on in order of your choice.. You are only required to number a total of five preferences (i.e. 2, 3, 4 and 5), but can number more. This is called optional preferential voting.

How to vote: State elections – information from the Victorian Electoral Commission

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… we seek to go beyond divisive racial, religious, tribal, and sectarian constructs, and instead, contribute to
a universal humanity.



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