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The Catholic Education Office is warning parents not to vote for the Greens in four inner-city seats the party hope to win.
November 27, 2014 | Henrietta Cook and Vanessa Desloires

The Catholic Education Office has intervened in the state election, warning parents not to vote for the Greens in four inner-city seats.

In a letter sent to 5500 families in the electorates of Melbourne, Brunswick, Richmond and Prahran ahead of Saturday’s state election, Catholic Education Office Melbourne executive director Stephen Elder said the Greens’ education policy was likely to “adversely affect” Catholic schools.

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Victorian election 2014: Electorate overwhelmingly back voluntary euthanasia, Vote Compass reveals
By Guy Stayner | November 24, 2014

Victorians overwhelmingly support voluntary euthanasia for terminally ill patients, putting them at odds with the Coalition and Labor parties on the issue, according to Vote Compass results.

On the question, “Terminally ill patients should be able to legally end their own lives with medical assistance”, more than three quarters of survey respondents supported medically assisted suicide.

The Coalition strongly disagrees with medically assisted suicide, yet 71 per cent of coalition voters want to legalise voluntary euthanasia.

The Labor Party somewhat disagrees with the assisted suicide, while 79 per cent of ALP supporters are in favour.

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Victorian election 2014: Anti-abortion DLP candidate Mark Farrell could control state’s Upper House
By Dan Conifer and Jessica Tapp | 20 Nov 2014

The abortion debate could be revived in the Victorian Parliament if a pro-life candidate claims control of the Upper House after next week’s state election.

Democratic Labor Party (DLP) candidate Mark Farrell has been considered a strong chance to claim the fifth seat in Western Victoria.

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How candidates in Victoria’s most marginal seat reached out to Christians
Friday, 31 October 2014 | Posted by Dan Flynn, Victorian Director

Candidates connect with Christian voters at Yan Yean Meet Your Candidate Forum

Las night Danielle Green MP (ALP) and Sam Ozturk (Lib) attended the ACL Yan Yean Candidates Forum held at St John’s Anglican Church, Diamond Creek.

Yan Yean is Victoria’s most marginal seat, equal with Wendouree.

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State ‘leads on priests’
May 9, 2014 | The Age Victoria

Victoria was taking a leadership role in addressing the issue, and it could set the tone of a national response, Dr Napthine said.

“I believe other states and jurisdictions will look at what we’re doing to require ministers of religion to have a working with children check if they have any dealings with children and families,” he said. ”I think other states and other jurisdictions should have a good hard look at it.”

A minister with children in their congregation, or who otherwise comes into contact with children as part of their duties, will be required to obtain the check.

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Greek Nazi link group ‘set up here’
April 4, 2013 | Nino Bucci

A Greek political party with links to neo-Nazis say they have established themselves in Melbourne, but have no interest in Australian politics.

Golden Dawn, which was founded by a Holocaust denier and whose members have been linked to dozens of violent protests in Greece, claims to have set up a group in Melbourne filled with Greek-Australians who will ”fight and defend both of our countries with pride and honour”.

The group sent an email to Fairfax Media criticising the ”lies” of reporters, politicians and Greek community leaders since controversial Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris announced plans for a Melbourne office and a visit from MPs on a Melbourne radio station in February.

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Geoff Shaw – holding govt to ransom
Herald Sun, Susie O’Brien, 11 March 2013

Victorian families have every right to be concerned about the new-found power of former Liberal Member for Frankston, Geoff Shaw.

Don’t buy the line that he’s just a humble local member fighting for his community from the crossbenches: he will be wielding immense power both inside and outside the parliamentary chamber.

Sitting as an independent in a parliament with a one-seat majority gives Shaw influence that extends well beyond his single vote.

Shaw says his “options are open”, but we need to know exactly what that might mean.

The big question for me is whether he will use his power to pursue his anti-gay, anti-abortion, conservative Christian agenda.

So what do Victorian families need to know about Geoffrey Page Shaw?

We already know Shaw is divorced, has four kids, is a local Frankston businessman, a bagpipe player, a karate expert, and a former bouncer.

But you also need to know he is a member of the Pentecostal Peninsula City Church, one of the largest evangelical churches in the state.

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Baillieu stands down as Victorian Premier
ABC News, 7th March 2013

The Victorian Government is in turmoil after a tumultuous day that saw Ted Baillieu quit as premier and the Coalition reduced to a razor-edge majority.

Mr Baillieu quit yesterday evening during emergency talks that saw former leader Denis Napthine assume leadership.

Mr Baillieu’s decision to stand down came just hours after controversial Frankston MP Geoff Shaw quit the Liberal Party, citing a “general loss of confidence” Victorians were feeling towards the Government’s leadership.

Mr Baillieu quit effective immediately, saying his decision was made “in the best interests of the Government”, but that he would remain in Parliament.

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