Clean Up Australia Day (March)

Clean Up Australia Day 2019 with Atheists

Posted: 28th February 2019

Clean Up Australia Day is a community event.
Many Atheists already do their bit for Clean Up Australia Day all over Australia.
As part of Progressive Atheists’ work to protect the environment, we promote CUAD, organise CUAD sites and encourage more Atheists to volunteer at sites.

Use your postcode to find a site near you.

If you have a site organised by Atheists, please let us know and we will promote it.

Brushy Creek Trail, Mooroolbark/Croydon, Victoria (postcode 3138)

Clean Up Day Poster (reduced size)

Clean Up Day Poster

Sunday, 3rd March 2019
Meet at 53 Manchester Road, Mooroolbark.
Google Map:
Come any time from 9am.
We will start a BBQ at midday.

You are invited and welcome to join us.
This is an opportunity to wear your favourite Atheist t-shirt.
The meeting point is very close to the Mooroolbark Railway station.
Please come prepared for hot weather and to protect yourself from the Sun.

Download the poster image.
Download the flyer PDF.

If you wish to know more about organising Atheist community events then please contact Progressive Atheists.

Clean Up Australia Day is Sunday 2 March, 2014

Clean Up Australia Day is a simple way you can take action to clean up, fix up and conserve our prized Australian environment.

In 2013 an estimated 550,300 volunteers removed 16,150 tonnes of rubbish at 7,341 sites right across the country – but we can do better! So lend a hand on Sunday 2 March 2014 and help clean up Australia.

Get involved by registering your own Clean Up Site or by volunteering at a site near you.

If you would like to clean up an area but are unable to do so on Clean Up Australia Day, you may register your site on any day of the year as a part of Clean Up Australia Every Day. Register for 2013 or 2014 to join or create a site, and we’ll send you all the information and materials you need – absolutely free!

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