Australian Federal Election 2013

Making A Difference!

The Progressive Atheists Inc. in conjunction with local Atheist community groups and individual Atheists, have a campaign to counter the religious lobby by:

  1. Assisting Atheist candidates for the federal election.
  2. Opposing all candidates who believe in supernatural powers whether it be a god(s), astrology, paedophile prophet(s), etcetera, and to oppose all candidates that belong to organisations that advocate those beliefs.
  3. Judging the parties and the candidates for the 150 federal electoral divisions and the vacant senate seats.

Make A Difference
Atheists don’t have the billions of dollars of funding that religious organisations have in Australia therefore we have to work smarter and work together.
If you wish to make a difference then please contact us and tell us whether you can:

  1. Assist on the main Campaign Committee
  2. Assist in your Federal Electoral Division (electorate)
  3. Just receive information about the candidates in your Federal Electoral Division and senate.
  4. Make a Campaign donation
  5. Other (please detail)

Email: elections at progressiveatheists. org
or go to Contact Us.
Please include the name of your Federal Electoral Division.

Latest Information:
Please email in with relevant news reports, media releases, policy statements and your opinions & advice to add to our election campaign pages.

A summary of all donations is available.
Please notify us if you wish to remain anonymous.
Please send donations for this campaign to:
Bank: Bendigo Bank Limited
BSB: 633-000
Account No.: 143529766
Account Name: Progressive Atheists Inc.

Or mail to:
Progressive Atheists Inc.
25 Banksia Street
Victoria 3130

Federal Electoral Divisions
There are 150 federal electoral divisions.
Current polling has Tony Abbott’s Coalition winning 76, Kevin Rudd’s ALP winning 73 and the Greens winning 1 (and no independents).
Who wins a couple of marginal seats will make all the difference as to who runs the next government for Australia.
For details of your federal electoral division. House of Representatives (lower house) Candidates

Half the senate will be up for election.
It is very possible that minor parties like the DLP and Family First can hold the balance of power in the senate with an Abbott Coalition government.
It is most important that we campaign to have people put them last on the senate ticket.
For details of your senate. Australian Senate (upper house) Candidates

Political Parties:
There are now over 50 political parties in Australia that can stand candidates in a federal election.
Some of them do so on behalf of a higher supernatural power.
For details of political parties: Australian Political Parties.

Why Your First Preference is Important:
With Australia’s preferential voting system, your vote is not wasted if you vote for a minor party first.
A first preference vote for a minor party serves at least two main purposes:

  1. It sends a message as to which party has the policies that you like best. (And maybe the major parties will take note.)
  2. Enough first preference votes will result in your preferred candidate or party receiving some reimbursement from the AEC. (It is costing candidates $500-$2000 to nominate.)

For more information of preferential voting and election funding. (under construction)

Register and Check Your Registration:
Your vote counts in marginal seats and in the senate.
For more information on how to register and check your registration. (under construction)

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