Vision & Goals for 2014

You are Warmly Invited

La Notte Restaurant
140-146 Lygon St, Carlton

Wednesday, 29th January
7.30 pm

You are warmly invited to attend this event at La Notte Restaurant in Carlton.  The Progressive Atheists will be presenting an outline of our plans for the coming year; projects, campaigns and events.  We invite your views and participation in order to realise our vision and goals for 2014.

To register your interest please email:

This will be the Progressive Atheists 5th year in operation. We are still a very young organisation and our plans are ambitious.  Our committee – term 2014 – has recently approved a strategic plan, which will give the Progressive Atheists a vision for our medium and long term goals.

We have many concerns to address such as the encroachment of religious beliefs in our classrooms, hospitals, kitchens, places of work, government and our laws.  We are still fighting for justice for survivors of child abuse at the hands of institutions.  Currently there are grave concerns for both atheists and LGBTQI individuals overseas who will inevitably become refugees needing shelter if they speak out.  Climate change events around the world will lead to an increased need for aid.  There is much to keep us occupied.

The Progressive Atheists has a strong base from which to proceed.  We have a purpose statement and rules; we have a capable committee with many valuable skills; and we have a growing membership and support base to maximize our effect.  We have much to do in response to our Purpose Statement.

You are warmly invited to attend this event so that you might volunteer your views and skills towards the tasks necessary to implement this plan for 2014.