The Progressive Atheists Inc. is not a political party; does not stand candidates in federal, state of local government elections and does not align itself with any single political party.
The Progressive Atheists recognises that all changes to make Australia a truly secular nation ultimately comes down to changes in government legislation, i.e. the decision of politicians, therefore the Progressive Atheists campaign and lobby politicians for those changes.

Part of the battle is to get the right politicians elected rather than to try to change their minds after they are elected.

The Progressive Atheists recognises that some candidates and politicians agree with our progressive Atheist policies and some candidates will oppose our progressive Atheist policies therefore we will support those that do and oppose those that do not.

Our support for candidates may include those in other elections (other than government ones) where an advocate for the Atheist voice is desirable.

Some of the elections where we have run an Atheist Campaign are:
* 2012 – Victorian Local Council Elections
* 2013 – Australian Federal Election
* 2014 – Australian Senate By-Election (Western Australia)
* 2014 – Victorian State Election
* 2015 – Queensland State Election
* 2015 – Victorian state South Gippsland By-Election
* 2015 – the current New South Wales State Election

You can make a difference.
To support a campaign in your electorate (or elsewhere) please email our Election Campaign Organisers on <elections@progressiveatheists.org> with the name of your electorate (and where you would like to assist if different).
If you are unable to contribute your time then your financial donation to the expenses of the Campaign will be of great value.



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