Citizen Science

Are you a Citizen Scientist?

If no, this is an excellent place to start!

All Citizen Scientists or not, did have a hand in accomplishing the foray and recording of fungi in Fitzroy Gardens. Bring your friends.

Click here to view the invitation and program.

Here are some of the photographs from the Citizen Science event. Did you notice the different location? Yes, we did our foray in the Westgate Park.

Thank you to the Lecturer: Lyn Allison, Scriber: Brian Jones and Photographer: Arash Ahmadi “Eagle Eyes”. For the full report, contact the Progressive Atheists Inc. Secretary Graeme Irwin at

In the meantime, keep an eye out for the Fungimap and Atlas of Living Australia.

It was a successful day and congratulations and thank you to all the participants.

 Andrew Rawlings introducing Lyn Allison. Introduction of the subject by Lyn.

Information about Fungimap.                         The Big History Project by Babak Shafe.

 Something to remember for Lyn.                   Interesting questions and answers.

 Fahad Riaz burned the sausages.                   These great salads made by Rae Jones.

We are all learning.                                           The mysterious world of Fungi.

The gentle touch.                                               Thanks to the rain.

Brian was the scriber. In Latin?                      Thank you everyone for such a good day.