Monthly Meetups

Monthly Meetups

Atheist and FreeThought groups host many monthly meetups all around Australia.

These are for Victoria – other states and territories will be added later.
Some events may miss a month therefore please check for the latest details.

First Week

  • Diamond Valley Atheists
  • Atheists at First Friday Pub Evening
  • Geelong Atheists Meetup
  • Agnostics Group
  • Philosophy Forum
  • Existentialist Society Public Lecture
  • Mordy Skeptics in the Pub

Second Week

  • Wyndham Atheists
  • Knox Atheists (when requested)
  • Monash Atheists (TBC)
  • Jolimont Atheists
  • Atheist Society Public Lectures
  • Melbourne Eastern Hills Skeptics in the Pub
  • Rationalist­ Think Tank

Third Week

  • Western Suburbs Atheists in the Pub Evening
  • Central Victorian Atheists and Freethinkers
  • Peninsula Atheists
  • Whitehorse Atheists (when requested)
  • Victorian Skeptics Café
  • SoFiA Public Lectures

Fourth Week

  • Progressive Atheists Open Meeting
  • Boroondara Atheists Meetup
  • Maroondah & Yarra Ranges Atheists Meetup (sometimes 5th Sunday)
  • Humanist Society of Victoria Public Lecture
  • Melbourne Skeptics

Many of the events are listed here: