Engage with Progressive AtheistsPeter and Lawrence at WCF Protest August 2014

Citizen Science with Lyn Allison

Posted: 21st June 2017

Unitarian Church and Fitzroy Gardens.

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Opportunity to advance Atheism by volunteering for Progressive Atheists Inc.

Posted: 24th May 2017

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Allied Organisations – ‘Australian Atheists‘ (Facebook group)

Posted: 21st May 2017

The main Facebook group for Australian Atheists (that happens to be called ‘Australian Atheists’) is very nearly ten years old.
If you are on Facebook and not already a member, please come and join us.

More Australian Atheist groups are here:

Progressive Atheists’ Activism: Forum, on ‘Advocacy and Ethics’

Posted: 9th April 2017

Click here for images by Arash Ahmadi, of the Progressive Atheists Forum, on ‘Advocacy and Ethics’, as part of the Australian Humanist Convention, Melbourne, 7 – 9 April 2017.

Join us for Progressive Atheists’ Activism

Posted: 1st March 2017

Progressive Atheists’ Forum, on ‘Advocacy and Ethics’
part of the
Australian Humanist Convention, Melbourne, 7th to 9th April 2017.
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Celebrating Darwin Day 2017

Posted: 1st February 2017

Sunday, 12th February 2017

All Atheists, family and friends are invited and welcome.

1.00pm at Studley Park, 1 Boathouse Road, Kew.

BYO food & drinks.

 More details …

Federal Election 2016

Federal Election Candidate Survey

How can you help!

Islamism in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is currently facing a turning point in its history.  The country is majority Muslim but Bangladesh has sought move away from theocracy a move that lead to its break away from Pakistan in the 1971 conflict, that left thousands dead.

Today Bangladesh faces a similar crisis.  Islamist extremists are seeking to impose their version of Islam on the general population via the use of violence and threat.  Over the past 3 years there have been numerous brutal attacks on freethinkers and publishers, with more recent attacks on LGBTI group leaders and leaders in education.

Progressive Atheists Inc. are raising funds for people who have had to leave their homes and their jobs in order to live in hiding from these Islamist extremists, where there are no other options for them to otherwise escape to a safe country.  Unlike other charities, Progressive Atheists passes on 100% of your donation to affected people in need.  Please give generously.

Bangladeshi Bloggers... who's next


Progressive Atheists Inc.

Est. 10 Jan 2010
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A progressive is someone who advocates progress, change, improvement or reform, as opposed to wishing to maintain the status quo, especially regarding social and political issues.  An atheist is a person who lacks a belief in the existence of gods.*
A progressive atheist is an individual in whom these two ideas are combined.

The Progressive Atheists Inc. is a grass roots action group. We value justice, equality, diversity and human rights.  We want to strengthen secularism, protect democracy and prioritise evidence based reasoning.

*This is not a position of certainty that there are no gods; rather that we withhold judgement while it remains obvious that gods exist in the minds of believers, but apparently nowhere else.


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