Purpose Statement

Progressive Atheists Incorporated (PA Inc) is an organisation of like-minded individuals who want to affect a progressive social transformation within their local community.

We seek to fulfill the following purposes:

  1. To foster functional democracy within PA Inc, its processes, procedures and
  2. To provide effective accountability of those entrusted with PA Inc leadership;
  3. To act in solidarity with other progressive movements, organisations and groups
    that share our commitment to voicing issues affecting atheists, women,
    minorities, people with disabilities, people who identify as LGBTI, seniors,
    youth, other species and the environment;
  4. To improve communication among progressive groups and organisations in our
    community in order to galvanise a united front for promoting secularism;
  5. To strive for a secular society that grants personal and political freedom
    from religion, whilst retaining personal freedom of religion and personal
    freedom of conscience;
  6. To create a safe and inclusive environment within which people are
    encouraged to discuss their ideas honestly, debate social and cultural
    values, develop ethics, promote social justice and contribute to universal
    human rights;
  7. To go beyond divisive racial, religious, tribal, and sectarian constructs, and
    instead, contribute to a universal humanity.