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Geelong Community Directory: Geelong Atheists


Geelong Atheists

Street Address: Thompson Road North Geelong 3215 VIC Australia
Postal Address: 11 Lockett Crt Norlane 3214 VIC Australia
Organisation type: Community group or not-for-profit – incorporated
Meeting Venue: Sphinx hotel
Thompson Road North Geelong 3215
Affiliations: We are Part of Progressive Atheists Inc
Contact: Patricia Norman
Phone: 52751538



We provide a venue for atheists to share their views and concerns about not having a voice in Australian society. We are active in our community trying to give atheists a voice. We are here to promote a truly secular nation because Australia unlike the political spin is not a secular country. We have 52,000 atheists in Geelong and we provide a voice for atheists in the community taking on the task of lobbying all tiers of government to make sure our views are heard.

Additional information

Cost: We are part of Progressive Atheists Inc. Their fee is $20 per year. We charge no fee except a gold coin donation and encourage everyone to join Progressive Atheists Inc
Eligibility: We are here for all atheists in the Geelong region.
Waiting list: No
Volunteer opportunities: Yes – We are always happy to have people volunteer their services to our group. We are an inclusive group and everyone’s opinions are heard and if need be voted on.
Wheelchair accessible? Yes
Public transport access: Yes
Affiliations: We are Part of Progressive Atheists Inc
More information: We would like the government to recognise equality means everyone is treated equally in Australia. We insist that we have a fair society where the poor and disabled and aged are given access to medical services, housing and education. Where a fair go means we need to look after people who need a hand. We promote Freedom from religion in Australia. We do not approve of religion in parliament or in any other public space that we gather in. We should not have to endure anyone’s religion being forced on us in any situation.