Rationalist Society of Australia

What is the Rationalist Society?

The Rationalist Society of Australia is an association of like-minded people, joined together to promote a rational approach to public policy in Australia and to their own day-to-day lives.

Its aim are:

  • To propound and advance rationalism: that is, adherence to the principle that all significant beliefs and actions should be based on reason and evidence, that the natural world is the only world there is and that answers to the key questions of human existence are to be found only in that natural world.
  • To stimulate freedom of thought.
  • To promote inquiry into religious and other superstitious beliefs and practices.
  • To encourage interest in science, criticism and philosophy, as connected factors in a progressive human culture, independent of theological creeds and dogmas.
  • To promote the fullest possible use of science for human welfare.
  • To promote a secular and ethical system of education.

(Taken from the Rationalist Society of Australia website – February 2013)

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